CVC-number on back of VISA-card

When buying stuff using an EFTPOS-Terminal, you just enter your PIN. When buying stuff on the Internet, you need to enter the CVC-number on the back of your card (not the PIN).

So if someone steals your card, they can buy stuff on the Internet (using the CVV-number on the back of the card).

They can’t buy things using a terminal, because they don’t know the PIN (except if you wrote the PIN on the card, say to jog your memory…)

We recently had several occasions in Queensland where
Information Centres booked accommodation over the phone and noted/passed on our CVV-number. The motels then used the data to take a deposit out of our VISA-account. I assume that they just made an Internet purchase in our name using the CVV-number they’d just received over the phone.

When we questioned this practice we were told: ‘We’re not
all corrupt here’- boy were we reassured…

The BNZ wasn’t so sure and promptly issued new cards.
Good on them.

Tom Butz

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Hi @tombutz, happy to hear that we provided an effective service for you :slight_smile: If you ever feel that your card details may have been compromised, we definitely do recommend following your lead and getting in touch with BNZ to reissue your cards.

I’d also recommend checking out @Olivia’s posts if you’re interested in finding out more on keeping your accounts secure - Olivia is our resident expert on Financial Crime here on the BNZ Community :smile:

I’ve linked her most recent post on card security below:

If you need anything further, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Thanks, Emma

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Never heard of LEN. Where can I find out more?

Tom Butz

If you have any questions about LENSecure, fraud or scams, please call us on 0800 ASK BNZ (275 269) and ask to speak to the Financial Crime Management Centre :slight_smile: