Customer Service

Having sat on the phone to Customer Suport for 49 minutes and 25 seconds with only two reassuring messages breaking into the pretty  univnieresting music to let me know that indeed I am not the only mortal on the earth, I have perused the website in respect of the community and find it bejewelled with platitudes and “smilies” from the manager inferring that we are being heard.

Even the tax department has a callback system which works fanstasticly and heaven knows they dont really have any competion with which to be concerned.

C’mon BNZ, you CAN DO BETTER ! Answer your phone!

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Sorry BNZ, I Reckon, waiting on the phone for an hour with another eassuring voice just saying that my call is important and to wait is basically flawed. I am going to my other life rather than waste any more of this one waiting for the joyless reassurance yet again.


Like I have suggested…

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Thanks for the suggestion  and . A BNZ call back option is something we are exploring at the moment. Do agree the IRD system seems to work really well and is only there to add to our options and experience with them (given no competition!)


@koft Great to hear this is being looked at.

You will see astonishing results with customer satisfaction and the general Call Centre metrics.

It’s worked well for the power company I work for so would be great for a bank too!

@koft - Hey! How’s this coming along? Any updates for us?

If there was any value to the bank to shorten customer waiting times, they would do so.

@ford  Thanks for your opinion.