Customer Service - Compaint Process (lack thereoff)!

I have been a Customer of BNZ since I was in CLASS 1 in my tiny country Primary school (total students of 90 !!) in 1960!! so am not anewbie but in fact ancient to some!
So I sent in a written complaint about my designated “account manager” / personal banker - due to several missed and undone things. a few of those missed steps cost me ‘money’ that didnt happen due in a TIMELY MANNER and cost me 'loss"!
So rather than being wishy-long winded via phone call to CSC like it often gets incalls - I decided toi write an EMAIl to BNZ customer service!
SO after weeks - suddenly I gotten a call from this SAME ACCOUNT MANAGER asking me to “explain WHY I HAD DONE THAT?? and demand an apology!
SO I am lost for words - am working my way to leave this old bnz that I loved for over 50+ years of my account with them…
Sorry! words dont mean much - when protocol AND process are not met !! Pity as I have made friends and met some very wonderful people working at the BNZ - but laterly it seems more and more " just words” as thats my own experience and not speculation etc . Aplogies dont mean much after as it becomes acceptable. What needs to be done after a KNOWN /VALID misstep is to fix things - not just “sorry” and keep going.
Peoples(customers) money matters are deeps and personal!

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Hi @miked807 thanks for getting in touch with us and bringing this to our attention. I am really sorry to hear about your recent experience with your account manager and our complaint process. I would really like to get this resolved for you and escalated to the relevant manager so if you feel comfortable, could you please send us a private message with your access number. Once again, I do apologise for any inconvenience that this has caused you. Thanks, Jade

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@Jade - BNZ staff,
Thanks for reading and posting a reply. Much appreciated - like most Kiwi’s I also dont want to be “complaining” for sake of making “NOISE”; however I have yet to see anyway a set of defined “complaint process” from BNZ (which am told by Min. Of Finance & Banking - “there has to be one by -law”.
So if you have one listed or a weblink you can send me - pls do so

Also- I did 'talk" to the Cust Serv. person related to this matter and she ‘document it’ and was told a REF# and quote" a relevant manager" will contact me" >
what happened was - I got ‘ear bashed’ by the person who I had ‘complaint about’ - so I managed to “record some of that convo” …
Seems even the BNZ Ombudsman - is actually a BNZ Employee! What the GENERAL PUBLIC is expected to see is AN INDEPENDENT PERSON for obvious reasons - (not implying or anyways saying the current he/she is not)
Like I said ;- am not a newbie - rather maybe an Ancient Relic of sorts - where am of the view that CUSTOMER SERVICE actually meant something! (nope not looking for perfection nor all issues resolved my way either!) Maybe am just expecting ACTIONS rather than just “nice wordings” and apologies (Yes I haven’t really seen anyone being RUDE TO ME or OUTRIGHT IMPOLITE) -but saying “sorry” often is…

Over the years - I have been a “private banking customer; ‘high value’ customer; Premier Gold customer etc etc - and that leaves impression” its just " marketing sector/ customer categorization/service category" … etc etc

  • just glad atleast there is this ‘forum’ to set-out some words that people can see - rather than getting the impression" its no use" feeling working out of the Branch!

Thanks in advance

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