Custom Visa debit card


At ANZ you can have many different Visa debit card faces because I currently don’t like how the current visa debit card looks.


Hey @jhrushworth, BNZ offered customers the option of customising their Flexi Debit Visa with their own photos a few years ago. Not many customers took up this option, around 1%, so unfortunately due to lack of demand it wasn’t continued.


Even more than the current one offering would be good as the current one is pretty unappealing.


I have to agree had an issue with my Flexi-Debit when the pin did not work or tap and go and I do not like the design and I did look at ANZ custom Visa Debit online it is very nice. However, I would only use it for online payments / bill payments. I much prefer the Platinum Visa Card or Classic BNZ Credit Card if that is still available. I do wish they would change the design or offer customized photograph to be uploaded. Yasmin :credit_card:


I don’t remember seeing an option to customise my Fexi debit Visa a few years ago. Would BNZ consider putting that option out again as I would love it. I think it’s great.