Current Transactions

Used to be able to print out all transactions including transfers for the day over all accounts in one report. That is what the Home Secretary wants.  Is it possible with the new site

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Hi cilrag,

There isn’t currently a way to do this on the new site, the closest option is to print this out for each individual account. We’ll keep an eye out for other customers asking for this functionality and if it’s a common thing we’ll see what we can do.

Another way to get this info that ‘might’ be useful is to type the date into the Search box on the homepage e.g. 12/05/2016 - this will filter this list to only show transactions on this day but is across all accounts. To print this you’d need to use print screen which isn’t pretty but might work.


With old internet banking, I could click print page and ir would generate a pdf for the transaction history. How do I do this now?

Hi @abhina, you can do this now by pressing Ctrl-P or going to your browser’s menu and selecting Print. Give this a try and let us know if you have any issues,

Hi Luke,
I need Pdf statements, and there is no functionailty in export for pdf. In earlier banking, clicking print used to generate a pdf. A pdf is needed to send for other purposes like sending it to BNZ itself for a loan appl. The current ctrl p function works, but lets me print a statement, rather than export it to pdf.

Hi @abhina, You should be able to get a printable pdf of your statements by going to the Statements section under the Documents area in the menu. You can view your statements as PDFs and print or download them so they can be sent. If you need a pdf version of your transaction history that is not in statement format, you can click on an account, then press Ctrl-P and this will bring up a printable version of that account’s transaction history. In your print settings you should be able to tell the browser to save as PDF rather than sending it to the printer. Give either of these options a try and let me know if they don’t work for you.

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