CSV Files - exporting older than 6 months

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Any idea how to export csv files for account info older than 6 months?


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Hi Ashg,  currently only pdf statements are available for information older than 6 months.  This is something we’re working on though and hopefully won’t be too far away.

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@Ashg, I’d be keen hear what you do with the data once you have extracted it. Is it purely to upload into something else (accounting software of sorts), sending to an accountant etc, or do you do your own analysis using this data and if so what could we do with it to make that easier for you ??

@LukeB great to hear, the sooner the better.
@Nick for me:

  • Export to accounting software (freeagent)
  • Export to financial planning software (Buxfer)
  • Export to Excel so I can finish up my 2015 cashbook for the accountant

And many of these things are being done with data more than 6 months old e.g. when you sign up to a new service, and want to add data for the whole accounting year or earlier.

I work with a chartered accountant and we can utilize CSV’s to import into our accounting software packages.
All banks by now should have this feature in place. I am surprised that BNZ doesn’t. Certainly one way of being good with money is having the ability to download information into a csv format. Once its in that format you can organise the data to quickly work out your expenses and income by filtering the information. This is vital for budget creation which can be done on a spreadsheet.
PDF’s have their place of course. Our clients if they send us their bank transactions initially, they tend to be in a pdf format.
One way of saving money in accountancy fees is to have bankstatements downloaded to a csv format.
The accountant needs a full year’s worth of data at least.
My suggestion to the banks, if you really want to support NZ businesses, support their accountants. There is enough technology around now, that it can be utilised quickly with minimal cost.
Today we still get new clients that bring us shoe boxes of missing bankstatements, who haven’t filed tax returns in for a number of years. I’m sure  a reputable bank such as yourselves, knows the laws that pertains to the statute of limitions in terms of oustanding debt and the IRD. It would be useful for the bank to go back that far. I, myself as an independant bookkeeper will suggest the different technologies between the banks when I’m advising them. Everything today is about linking. So I’m looking to technologies that will link everywhere. At the moment CSV’s do that.

Hi, Do we have a date on when this will occur?  or @Nick. It’s 3 months further on and Tax time. Oh, and I’m a little late.

If it’s going to be December, I will have to use PDF to csv conversion. Never fun or fast. Thanks.

Hi @DavidG___s,
We came sooo close to releasing this yesterday but there was a hitch (sigh) so now we’re aiming for our next release which is due early June.  I’ll update here if it looks like we’re not going to make that for whatever reason.

Hi Can we please get information older than 6 months to be exported to csv, it is a bit frustrating when you get to the tax year end and have to go back to pdf’s.

Hi @BP, we are working on this as I type this response and hope to have it in our next release in a few weeks.

As @LukeB mentioned earlier, we came close in our last release which would have been ideal timing for end of financial year but didn’t quite make it. We are looking at providing about 2 years history for export with the hope of more.

Thanks Milan

Hi - any update on this ? Would be really useful for completing this years tax returns.


@dhol, we released this early June, you should now be able to export back until late 2012.

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I too am delighted with this longer period availability for downloads.
Much financial reporting covers a 12 month period.