CSV export not working

Returns “No transactions”

Please fix.


Hi Michael,

I’ve just given it a try and it seems to be ok.  Can you check it again and give us some more details?


Thanks for the reply @LukeB

It works now.

 I can export and get a transaction history but when I open it I get a spreadsheet. Usually I get a csv file which I then export to Money. Any thoughts. There doesn’t seem to be a way to export to Money as I have done for years.

Hi @jtm, when you’re exporting what format are you selecting?  Are you also able to see what the file extension is of the file you’ve downloaded?  Could it be a change on your machine to identify CSV’s to be opened in Excel (this is what mine does).  If this is the case you should still be able to export it to Money by going into Money and then opening this file.  Can you give this a try?
You could also try right clicking on the file and selecting Open With… and seeing what options are available.