Credit report - update

Hi, just thought I’d post another credit report update.
I applied for hardship with GEM visa it shows on my credit report with Veda as hardship.
Whats surprising is I actually gained 32 points for that entry being put on there by GEM
Nothing else changed from the previous month’s report. I also gained 7 points when applied for a credit card online.
My Veda credit score points are now 436 out of 1000

Kiwisaver - no so lucky with that. I’m losing around $1.00 per day.
In six months I’ve made a ROI of just $3.00. At the end of March it was $14.00
If it goes any lower it I will have lost money.
Its dropped a lot probably due to the Brexit.
I wonder how long it will take to get back that investment.

Are you sure the two are linked together? I lost a few points a few months ago which coincided with applying for lending but it’s now back to where it was.

436 is a low score. I would recommend you carefully consider if you should be applying for another credit card. While there is no exact number to be considered ‘creditworthy’, the general ballpark is >600.