Credit Cards and its affect on ability to get a mortgage

How much of an effect does having multiple credit cards over a few years have on the ability to get a mortgage, would this lower my credit score.
I have changed credit cards a few times over the past few years based on banks offering competitive new card sign up offers, that is worth the admin of applying for a new card. Banks usually offer these deals a few times a year, currently about to get 300 Airpoints for only $75. BNZ also offering $150 for new cards at the moment. (interesting that the BNZ offer doesn’t have any restrictions on being a past cardholder like most other banks)

I am planning on purchasing a house in the next couple of years, would I need to stop taking up these offers to ensure I am in the best position to get a mortgage?

Hey there, there is certain criteria when applying for a Home Loan and your Credit Card history is taken into account. It’s best that you speak with one of our Banking Advisors to get the right advice so you’re in a good position for purchasing a home in the next couple of years. You can call them direct on 0800 080 222 (Mon-Fri). ^Alyssia :slightly_smiling_face: