Credit Card Rewards

I’ve been meaning to look into credit card reward points. I bank with ANZ and have a standard Visa, which I don’t earn any benefits on. Would I be better off with a card like Global Plus? What are the pro’s and con’s?

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Best is to compare the different credit card options BNZ has and to identify what’s important to you. If you clear your balances every month Global Plus Airpoints could be of a great benefit for you.

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Biggest expense in our house every two years is family holiday (perils of being from Europe), so its almost our family mission to be constantly earning Airpoints. Got my GlobalPlus c/card set up with an AP to ensure any outstanding balance gets paid off each month (so dont pay any interest), and now use this like an EFTPOS card everyday for all transactions. Its all money I was going to be spending anyway, so might as well get a bonus for it. Linked that up to an GP earning mortgage and then also got a Flybuys Airpoints card so when I spend $8 in NewWorld buying my lunch I swipe this as well as paying with my GP card and I’m double dipping. I can’t say if the earn rates are beter with one bank or the other, (I’m to lazy to do my research), but its already all adding up. Got a couple of thousand airpoint now which I wouldn’t have had before, and that’s worth cash to us when i comes to the next family holiday.


Been using Global Plus for over 10 years now and it really does work as long as you don’t pay any interest !!!

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Find a reward earning credit card that’s right for you and then just connect all your outgoings to it that you can e.g. gym membership, insurances, power bill, internet/sky/phone bill etc- you’ll be surprised at how quickly the points add up on expenses you’d be paying for out of your cheque account anyway.

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I have my BNZ classic visa linked to my flybuys account which rewards me with flybuys for every 50 dollars I spend so I make sure I pay for everything on my VISA to get the flybuys then pay my credit card back straight away. Shopping at flybuys retailers such as Z and New world is really great because then I get to double dip my flybuys points :slight_smile:

We are long term travellers and have the Global Plus platinum. All expenses (when we were in NZ getting ready for this trip) are run through this and the balance paid off each month. If you are travelling for less than 90 days internationally you also get travel insurance included which would cost much more than the annual fee. The one thing that would make the Global Plus card perfect would be if they removed foreign currency conversion charges on foreign transactions (much like the 28 Degrees Mastercard in Australia). I have to use my AU card for overseas transactions because I despise paying FCC fees. We are in Europe now and have opened a bank account here to access our euros but when we get back to NZ we will definitely be using our Global Plus card for everything again.

Hi, Can anyone tell me if our international spend on our Platinum Visa card is counted in the cash back?  It appears that AirDollars weren’t given on international spend (we always thought they were) so just wondered if it is included in the cashback in the new system?  Cheers