Credit card, remove joint card holder

Is it possible to remove a joint card holder from a credit card. The reason I ask this because I want to keep the same card number as I have memorized it.

I have a credit card with my mother but now I have a job I would like to move that account to be under my own name.

Hello Sam01, if your account is a joint account, we cannot remove one of the card holders off the account. We would need to close the account, and have you apply for an account in your own name, which would produce a new card number.
In saying this, if your account is a ‘Primary/additional’ account, we can remove the additional card holder from the credit card account. In this case the primary card holder can retain the card number.
To see how the account is setup, please contact us on 0800 275 269, send us a message through Internet Banking, or pop into any BNZ Store and we can check on this for you.
Thank you!

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I just thought you would have the ability to remove joint card holders as I can think of at least 2 situations other than mine that it would be useful. (Death and relationship split up).

The only reason my account is a joint account is because i could not get a limit over $500, maybe BNZ should allow parents to guarantee credit cards rather telling them to set it up as a joint account.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll be sure to pass this onto the development team.
Thank you!