Credit card payment alerts

Please can you enable notifications to be sent via text and email when scheduled transfers do not go ahead due to insufficient funds. I recently had a credit card payment from one of our accounts not go through due to insufficient funds (due to an unforseen automatic payment going through before the scheduled payment) and only realised when I checked our bank balance by chance. We were not notified of this payment not going through which I was surprised about because we have signed up to get notifications when payments do not go through. I have since learned that the notifications do not work for transfers, only payments - I was not aware of this so didn’t think it would be a problem. Can you please allow the same alert function for failed transfers that you do for failed payments.
This type of function would be much appreciated!

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Hi @k8bevin

Not sure if this helps you in the exact situation, but we do have failed payment notification in IB - they’re called “Retrying & failed payments” and they cover transfers and payments.

You can access them through IB - Menu > Notifications

If it’s not what you mean here let me know.

More info here:


Thanks Nick - yes I am aware of this but I was referring to transfers, not
payments and found out through contacting BNZ that there is no function for
failed transfers (e.g. from bank acocunt to credit card). This would be a
very helpful function, like the failed payments function is.



The notification should be working for transfers and payments, so will check it for you. Based on what you said it should meet your need.

I’ll get back to you


Thanks Nick - I was told via a message through the BNZ messaging that it
wasn’t able to be used for transfers

See image below

I think I know what it is. The notifications (currently) get sent only to the specific user/access ID who set up the payment, so if you and your partner are sharing an access ID then you may not receive an alert if your access ID didn’t set up the transfer.

So, that probably sounds a bit complicated, but in any case, if you are sharing one access ID between you and your partner, then the owner of the actual access ID you are logging in with would (or should) have received the notification if the owner of that access ID had set up the alert rule and had the right contact details loaded.

We debated this situation heavily when we built this alert with this in mind. In a perfect world we believe each customer should be using login details that are unique to each user, so this is something you could do then both you and your partner can receive whatever notifications or alerts you prefer.

But either way, apologies if any of this has been frustrating for you, if it is the situation above, then our recommendation is that each party of a joint relationship has their own login details then you can make sure you set up the alerts that suit you.

Does that help or make sense ?


Thanks Nick - But I asked my husband if he recieved an alert (which he has
signed up to do) and he did not. Can you please check and see whether any
alerts were sent to either of us to clarify?


Kate Bevin

Only other thing to clarify is that you are talking about a transfer you set up to go to credit card vs a direct debit where the bank comes and takes the money - there is currently no notifications for Direct Debits

Hi Nick

Yes, we are talking about a transfer from our bank account to our credit

Kate, I would be willing to help investigate further into your failed transfer if you wanted to advise myself via private message the details of the account the failed transfer was coming out of.

This transfer of course being initiated by yourselves and under your control, rather than as Nick wanted clarification on, where you have signed up to allow the bank to Direct Debit funds from your account and transfer these funds as a payment to your credit card.