Credit Card Fraud when overseas

Hi Guys,

Just a tweak that would be handy for your Mobile App is the ability to lock your credit card and unlock it in case you misplace it, but also the ability to verify your identity and have your credit card unlocked when a potential fraud transaction causes your card to be locked,

What happened to me was I private messaged BNZ when I was leaving the country but my card was still locked down when they realised I was spending in the states, no one rang, I just had to deal with my card declining then ring BNZ from the other side of the world to have it unlocked, what would have been good is an alert from my BNZ app and the ability to review the transactions in question, verify my identity and get my card unlocked all instantly in the app instead of trying to call BNZ and spend ages on the phone sorting it.



Sorry, that doesn’t sound like a great experience. I agree that we have an opportunity to make this easier by adding functionality into the app, and it is on our radar, for later this year.



It wasnt terrible, but it could be better, we have this fantastic app in our pockets that goes all around the world with us so I look forward to future improvements, Thanks.

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ASB bank card allows to set your own limits for each transaction. Control online transactions. Control limits for online as well as paywave… Its not that difficult to implement.

I too look forward…