Creating a Joint Account

Hi, I am wondering if I can create a joint account for my partner and I? We are both BNZ customers and were wondering how we would have to go about this. Many thanks

Hi Luka, that’s a great question. To open a joint account you must set up an appointment with any of our BNZ branches. This can be done by visiting your nearest branch on contacting us on 0800 275 269 :). Thanks Adina .

Thank you very much, Adina.

Hello Luka,
Its something I did few yrs ago - when I gotten married. BNZ staff were VERY HELPFUL- however later I found (the hard way) some of the 'horrific’s" legal stuff when the NZ TAX office sent a “Letter of DEMAND” to pay for some long outstanding TAX BILLS.
The problems came when BNZ had decided to (as I was told its NORMAL PRACTICE TO DO IN BNZ FOR YEARS) is to:
take one of our (they just happen to pick my wife’s account) and ADD MY NAME to it ( so 'appears" it became a 'JOINT ACCOUNT"!!!) with BOTH PARTIES ( if you so desire to) have equal access and athority! or like some - have a “primary & secondary” nature of OWNERSHIP.
Anyways; inmy case - being a very trusting person ( who is after getting just getting married) HAD no issues and two of us had both EQUAL AUTHORITY!
Sorry its becoming a ‘drama series’ here- but in short - due to my wifes EX having failed business ( where she was a 50% silent non working owner) the NZ TAX office decided that - since NOW SUDDENLY they had access to “HER ACCOUNT” with heaps of money ! (I had just sold a house in EPSOM that my parents owned and deposited the funds into that “JOINT ACCOUNT”… the tax office decided to place that account on “FREEZE/HOLD” and demanded 540K outstanding tax that they were OWNED by the failed business some 12 years past!!!
SO in short - make SURE BNZ STAFF - really; on paper get a NEW NEW ACCOUNT NUMBER ( as joint) and than MAKE SURE ( for tax /legal reason) keep YOUR OWN ACCOUNT ( if you wish to do so) as NOT LINKED to that joint account!!!
__ hope this has been helpful to some - but is not ment to “rubbish/bask” BNZ 'process /systems. I am wiritng this after finding out that " adding a persons name" to existing account is “NORM” in most NZ banks … my view its CRAZY in 2000’s to do that!!!

Keep in mind these are the views of fellow BNZ Community users, and not BNZ.