Creating a Joint Account

Hi, I am wondering if I can create a joint account for my partner and I? We are both BNZ customers and were wondering how we would have to go about this. Many thanks

Hi Luka, that’s a great question. To open a joint account you must set up an appointment with any of our BNZ branches. This can be done by visiting your nearest branch on contacting us on 0800 275 269 :). Thanks Adina .

Thank you very much, Adina.

Hello Luka,
Its something I did few yrs ago - when I gotten married. BNZ staff were VERY HELPFUL- however later I found (the hard way) some of the 'horrific’s" legal stuff when the NZ TAX office sent a “Letter of DEMAND” to pay for some long outstanding TAX BILLS.
The problems came when BNZ had decided to (as I was told its NORMAL PRACTICE TO DO IN BNZ FOR YEARS) is to:
take one of our (they just happen to pick my wife’s account) and ADD MY NAME to it ( so 'appears" it became a 'JOINT ACCOUNT"!!!) with BOTH PARTIES ( if you so desire to) have equal access and athority! or like some - have a “primary & secondary” nature of OWNERSHIP.
Anyways; inmy case - being a very trusting person ( who is after getting just getting married) HAD no issues and two of us had both EQUAL AUTHORITY!
Sorry its becoming a ‘drama series’ here- but in short - due to my wifes EX having failed business ( where she was a 50% silent non working owner) the NZ TAX office decided that - since NOW SUDDENLY they had access to “HER ACCOUNT” with heaps of money ! (I had just sold a house in EPSOM that my parents owned and deposited the funds into that “JOINT ACCOUNT”… the tax office decided to place that account on “FREEZE/HOLD” and demanded 540K outstanding tax that they were OWNED by the failed business some 12 years past!!!
SO in short - make SURE BNZ STAFF - really; on paper get a NEW NEW ACCOUNT NUMBER ( as joint) and than MAKE SURE ( for tax /legal reason) keep YOUR OWN ACCOUNT ( if you wish to do so) as NOT LINKED to that joint account!!!
__ hope this has been helpful to some - but is not ment to “rubbish/bask” BNZ 'process /systems. I am wiritng this after finding out that " adding a persons name" to existing account is “NORM” in most NZ banks … my view its CRAZY in 2000’s to do that!!!

Hi there,
My husband went to Queen Street branch in Auckland to open a personal account which was great. We got told that both of us needs to be present to open a joint account. We went to st Luke’s mall branch and the staff referred us to open the account online. Initially he questioned who told my husband that and thought we went to the wrong bank. We came home and tried to apply online but it didnt seem to work. Could you please advise if we need to arrange for an appointment? Thanks Mandy

  1. As she was an “owner” she is on the hook as well. “silent non-working” is irrelevant.

  2. On one hand you claim the bank unilaterally added you but you also say you knowingly deposited the funds into that “joint account” thus making them joint property.

I strongly suggest you get legal advice.