Courtesy Call Back System


Would be great if you offered a courtesy call back system, so when the general phone queue wait times are ~5 minutes, the calling customer is offered an option to “hold their place in the queue”.

If the customer accepts, then they can disconnect the call and when the call has progressed through the queue and close to being answered, the phone system calls the customer back and reconnects the call ready to speak to an agent.

Would be a pretty simple thing to implement, with great benefits to your customers and the business itself.

Would look great in the stats too - dramatically less abandoned calls, quicker answer times, SL improvement etc…



I second this request. I’ve had to make a couple of calls to customer services recently, and whilst the wait times are not terrible, it would be nice to have the option to do something else with my time.

I’m actually on hold with a CSR right now. She’s very nice, if a bit slow. It took a few extra minutes to go through the verification process (access numbers and telephone banking pins, etc). The automated system used to ask for these up front, which was easy; now there’s a few minutes of additional pain before you can get down to discussing your issue.

Bump. @Eric @Yvonne

It would be even greater if they actually employed a few more NZ’s to take up the overflow. Certainly its great to have the call back option. What I’m meaning is if companys that have really long hold times on phones and in queues I question whether they are actually putting people first. I wonder what would be a good standard to measure that against. What is deemed an acceptable waiting time.
For our part sure we can choose the call back option or do another activity while we are waiting but I think putting people first means all sides to consider how they can improve things. There are lot of instances where we the paying consumer are sometimes forced to work in with a company when its clearly not in their best interests. I am all for technology but I do question whether a lot of it is really providing a real measurable benefit to the customer at all.

Plus one for call back feature. Would save so much time.

Hey @TimArmstrong, @koft just weighed in on this topic here:
Looks like it’s currently being explored :slight_smile:


Any updates?

Here’s a PDF on the specific function I’m referring to (for Genesys, same brand as your current CC system) -