Convert personal account to a joint account

Hi there,
I have a personal CHQ account, can I convert it to a joint account for me and wife? or we need to create a new joint account?


Hi Thilina, we will need to create a new joint account for you and your wife. Please contact us on 0800 275 269 or visit your nearest BNZ branch to book an appointment so we can assist with the set up. Thanks Adina.

That is simply LUDICROUS! So a couple get married (for example) and instead of using a single existing account they have to open up a new one. Think of all the automatic payments, direct debits etc. that need to be updated.

That is so Luddite it isn’t funny.

Having done this most banks transfer all records without hassle or extra charges. Joint accounts need signatures and authority validation. If businesses can change accounts and banks so can a couple of people.