Confirmation of Payment

Hi, can we please have confirmation of payment page on mobile banking like other banks do? I believe a lot of people would like to keep a record for their payment when they buy things off Trade Me, Facebook or other places. I’m using YouMoney. Am I the only case that doesn’t have a payment confirmation page? Thanks!

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Hi @heidizhou I would love to hear more about what you expect to see on one of these? if you just search for and find the transaction in your transaction history you can open it up and see the to and from details, amount, date and how the payment was made so what else do you need added to that for what you are thinking?
Do you just want to be able to share/ send it off to someone? 

Hi Nick, I wish I can post photos here to show you what I meant. So for ANZ or ASB (or maybe also other banks), they have a confirmation straight after you make an one-off payment. This means I don’t need to go to my transaction history to get a evidence of my payment. Only if I go back to the old Internet Banking on my laptop can I get a confirmation straight after I send the payment, but this is not ideal if you get what I mean. It would be better if we can get this in You Money too(Both internet and mobile banking). Thanks!

@heidizhou are they notifications you get or pop ups? I don’t bank with other banks, so at a loss of how this looks. I know with transactions you can see pending payments in the mobile app and completed payments.