Community meeting outcomes


Just come back from the community board meeting. Many great ideas. They centered around connecting people together with activities and amenities and recreation centres. It was based around peoples values and how they would like their community to look like. There was also mention of making use of local skills to build developments and infracturers, rather than bringing in so-called experts from other countries that don’t know anything about our lifestyles. Housing was another big issue for people in that developments are being built in areas that don’t necessarily reflect the lifestyles of people that live there. It came across that housing is also outrageously overpriced for the market with concerns that ghetto-like areas would be a result. Crime and safety only got a small mention but listening to the words people use I knew that it underpins alot of what they hope to achieve. Poverty and financial issues in the community had a brief mention but apparently it is a huge issue on the East. I know now who I can at least approach to find out more information. Social entrepreneurship also had a mention and how communities and businesses could contribute to the wellbeing of the community. Overall the focus was definety about connecting people and communities together. For me and Crimewatch (the nonprofit that I am Treasurer of) we can certainly use our skills to ensure people have safe areas to congregate in. I personally mentioned standards of behaviour for the community and having an overall goal that we are all working towards.

It was a great evening. Learnt alot and I have an action plan to get started.