Closing of NZ call centre?

So I’ve heard some (rather valid) rumours about BNZ slowly looking to migrate it’s contact centres elsewhere.

Can you elaborate on the reasonings behind

A) merging the phone based team and email based team
B) the redundancy’s of the staff who’s job it was to train new staff
C) the redundancy’s of quality assessors required to assess the phone calls and emails between staff and customers
D) the fact that Bnz no longer hire sales staff externally and majority are hired from the service side of the business
E) the reduced number of teams held in the call centres and merging of teams rather than promotions of emerging leaders who have been training to be the next team leaders

This screams out to me that Bnz wish to have the least amount of redundancy payouts to the call centre staff by essentially pushing then down the “easiest” path by sending them to the sales teams that at this point, they don’t intend on closing or moving elsewhere.

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Hey @themailbox, I’m just acknowledging that I’ve seen your feedback and I’ll get back to you within the next 24 hours. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @themailbox, apologies for the late reply! At BNZ, all our contact centres are New Zealand based. We are always working to make sure that we have the right people in the right place to get the best outcomes for our customers and we’re committed to investing in our people to help them learn new skills and offering them opportunities across the BNZ. Recently this has meant that we have more of our specialist contact centre roles being filled from our internal talent pool. Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: