Closed Accounts

Please help! How do I delete closed accounts? Because once closed they are only “hidden” but not deleted. Thank you.

When you close an account, this will close the account completely. You will still be able to view statements online for your closed accounts, but this is just for your records if you need access in the future. If this is not what you mean, can you give me a bit more information about where you are seeing these ‘hidden’ accounts, and I can help you further.
Cheers, Krystal


You can find it in Menu, Documents, Statements, and at the bottom of active
accounts you see a drop down that toggles the show/hide closed accounts.

that is the one that i do not need to see anymore. i want it deleted and
gone forever but there is no button to click or anything to delete it or
remove it.

thank you for the help in the future and thank you for responding. i
appreciate it.

God bless,

Hi Edwin,
I see what you mean, thanks for the clarification. I can assure you that this does mean that the account is closed. We cannot remove this access to your closed account statements, as this is for customers to have easy access to statements to avoid having to pay for replacement statements (which I $5 each).
Sorry for the confusion this has caused, and I hope it helps you understand why they are there.
Thanks, Krystal.

Thanks Krystal,

I guess I just need to close all accounts with BNZ for it to disappear
then. And maybe try another bank.

It has been closed so i was hoping that there is also a way to delete them
off the system.

I am thinking that each person could have the choice to let it stay there
"hidden" or to have it totally disappear.

BNZ does not have to delete this feature for all and everyone. Since as you
have said they might end up paying the $5 thing.

What BNZ can do is give the individual person the choice and the decision
to have it deleted forever.

anyway thank you for the response.

God bless,

By law the records must be kept for 7 years and be accessible at any time. This is the case with any organisation whether it be a bank, a government department, a retail store etc

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