Charge for payment on Business mobile app

I use both IB4B and also the business app on my phone. In January I had 2 pymts to make to the same new payee. I could not use ib4b and decided to do on my phone. I clicked on ‘make a payment’ and had to chose make a one off payment as it wasnt already on my bp list. When I finished loading it I asked for it to be added to my bp list. I then went back in and loaded the second payment. We my fees came through on IB4b
I was charged a fee 30cent fee for doing the first payment. I could have done using ib4b and incurred no fee. Can you advise if this loophole has been fixed yet. I spoke to someone at ib4b and they reversed the fee and would look into it. I haven’t heard anything back.

Hey Carol, thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry nobody’s gotten back to you. I’ll reach out to you via private message and we’ll get this sorted asap. Lawrence

Any idea of timeframe for you to respond.