Charge back

Hi, can you please advice on how to request a charge back on my eftpos.
We booked and paid for flight with FLY365, 24/9/2019 and the money was debited from our a account.
We have tried to contact them since February, the have gone into liquidation,so we have tickets that are not valid and therefor are not able to get a voucher or extended ticket with airline…
Can you please advice.

Hi Bessie,
You will need to either call our team on 0800275269 or send our team a secure message from your internet banking to discuss this further.

If you swiped the card and entered a PIN a chargeback is not an option. Eftpos is non-recourse ie: same as cash.

If, however, you used the Visa debit functionality on a website or over the phone a chargeback is likely but time is of the essence.