Changing value of an AP online

Can anyone tell me how to change the value of an automatic payment online? Is that possible?

I always change to Classic view (as opposed to the YouMoney view), then go to Transfers and Payments, then click on Edit on the far right hand side of the AP you want to change. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

It’s now possible in You Money view as well. Click on the AP in the upcoming payments list on the right. The payment details will then pop up, and you can edit. Though for some reason, it won’t let you update the payee’s statement details

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I wish it would allow the frequency to be edited too. I want to change an AP to weekly but the only way I can see to do that is to ring the bank. Oh well…

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Great idea, @red_rav - pretty sure the reason you can’t right now is to do with a limitation in our system but I know the team is always working on improvements so this is probably on a wishlist somewhere (tagging in @Nick from the mobile/online team in case he has any insights on this!)

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@red_rav you can change the frequency of an AP in YouMoney (new Internet Banking) as @samachik mentioned above.  When you select the next payment in the upcoming list in your overview (or in the account view itself)  you can now change the amount and repeat cycle (frequency).  If you are getting an error I would love to know so we can fix it.  Worst case you can easily delete it in YouMoney and just set it up again - saves you having to call us.


Thanks heaps @samachik and @Nick, just checked it out. I was tying to do it in entirely the wrong place. You guys are awesome :slight_smile: