Changing account types online possible?


Is there any way to change an account type either on thew website or in the app? The in laws visited for two months and BNZ were awesome in setting them up an account that they pay into over time for each visit. Brilliant service. The stores advise was when they leave get online and change the account to a savings while they are back in the UK thus saving on fee’s and earning a little interest. Then change it back when they come back to NZ. We were told we could do this online making it easy when they are out of the country but can’t seem to see how. I see a thread from 8 months ago that says it can’t be done but was being looked at?? Has this happened?

Otherwise I guess it is a case of creating a new savings account online, transferring the money and deleting the cheque account? Then doing the same in reverse for each visit? Thanks

Not automated, but my understanding is sending a secure message from within online banking should make this happen for you.

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Hey @AsterixNz, I hope the in-laws enjoyed their visit to New Zealand!

In terms of changing an account type, this currently isn’t a function available in internet banking but if your in laws are able to send a secure message, pop into any BNZ store when they are next in New Zealand or give us a call on 0800 275 269 then we can happily change their account type for them. It’d be best to do this before they start using their EFTPOS or Flexi Debit Visa since each transaction will cost $5 if they are linked up to a Rapid Save or Personal OnCall account :slight_smile:

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Just another quick question some months on. The suggestion above worked perfectly. Occasionally we pop some money into the now savings account for the in laws. Having changed from cheque to savings would the account number have remained the same or would the last three digits have changed meaning the payee I have saved is now different.

Thank you.

Hey @AsterixNz

Great to hear! When an account type is changed, the account number and suffix will remain the same allowing you to keep the payee details you currently have.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: