Changing a Password Clarity

Can we please have easier and more clearly worded access on the Internet Banking (Personal) site to easier locate and change a password.
Presently one goes to Help and the nearest is Reset a Password with support wording re Lost Your Password. This is not identical to deliberately changing a password periodically for Security Purposes Ultimately after a lot of scrolling I resorted to Reset and had to put in Telephone Pin etc. whereas I had expected to use Net guard codes.
Changing a password deliberately is common practice and I had expected it to be displayed as such.

Hey @NeilF784

When you’re logged into internet banking, if you click on menu in the top left hand corner, then click settings in the bottom right hand corner of the sidebar that would’ve popped up. From there, you should see various settings but at the top a section called security and directly below that the option change password. If you click that option it will then prompt you for your NetGuard care details then you will be able to change your password. You can do this as much as you’d like.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks Kiwi

                       Oddly enough I had checked settings several times prior to my post.and that option with the NetGuard panel did not display.

That was a puzzle because in past i was sure i had to use NetGuard (I had it with me in anticipation).
This morning the Settings screen displayed as per your instructions so all good again.

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