Changes to Same-day Cleared Payment Notifications

Hi everyone,

For businesses, trusts and similar organisations that make Same-day Cleared Payments, there are some small but important changes on the way.

From Monday 29 August, the way you are notified when one of these payments is made or received is changing from fax to email. This is happening to the whole industry and across all the banks, and is also in response to the preferred way that customers would like to be notified.

For those groups that regularly make and receive payments like this, we’ll be sending a letter with all the important details. All payment notifications will now be received from, so it might pay to add this email address to your contacts.

If you’ve got any questions let us know here; or give us a call on either of the following numbers for more info:

Internet Banking for Business users: 0800 269 4242
PC Business Banking users: 0800 280 269

Thanks, Nigel