Changes to Automatic Payment processing

Hi everyone

We’re making some changes to the way we process our BNZ Automatic Payments from Friday 15 July.

From 15 July 2016 Automatic Payment processing will start at 5.30am on the day that the payment is due, rather than in the evening. This means that any amendments or cancellations to your Automatic Payment will need to be done before 5.30am on the due date – so preferably the day before. If you don’t make your changes in time, and your payment is processed, we won’t be able to reverse this for you.

If there isn’t enough money in your account to process your Automatic Payment at 5.30am, we’ll keep trying regularly through the day to make the payment. If all attempts are unsuccessful we’ll try one more time early the next calendar day. You can see in Internet and Mobile Banking if your payment is retrying. If all retry attempts are unsuccessful, your Automatic Payment will not be made. Sign up for free payment notifications and we’ll let you know if we’re having any problems processing your payment.

What do you need to do.

  • Review your Automatic Payments, and see if based on the new processing time, you’d like to make any changes.

  • You may need to change the day a payment is made, so that there will be enough money in your account early on the due date or you may not need to make any changes if the new processing time won’t affect your Automatic Payments. Changing the date can easily be done for free through Internet Banking.

  • Sign up for free Payment Notifications through Internet Banking, they’re quick and easy and mean we’ll be able to let you now by text or email if you payment is retrying or it can’t be made for any reason.



So looking forward to this. It allows me to have a better control of my money, especially knowing my true real time balance for the current day.


Love this change