I’m wanting to find different ways of creating an extra $100.00 per week consistently if possible, and for at least three months, with no money down and without asking my employer for a raise or extending my hours with them. Perhaps the BNZ community have some great ideas to try.

I did come across some ideas on the internet but most require some startup money or involve resources that are not available in NZ




The same way all extra income via work is obtained.

Either capitalise on being better then others at what you are doing or find something additional which people are willing to pay for.

It really is as simple and complicated as that.


Thanks for your reply. A few weeks on and no other suggestions. I think this challenge is not going to be straight forward for me. But I liked your suggestion of finding something additional that people are willing to pay for. I could find a niche market in something. As Brett McFall’s book says, find something that people will pay for it to be solved.

The challenge will be tough because I have substantial defaults against my credit file so I’ll have to base everything on cash.  Even if I sell products I’ll have to purchase them first with money. With no money down as one of the rules I might start with an information product like an ebook then generate enough cash to put towards a product to sell and I’ll try and use marketing strategies to focus the product towards solving a problem. I’ll start with an information Ebook on how to solve some problem. I’ll post back later after the next step. Lets see if an information Ebook will generate me the $100.00 per week. Step one then is find a niche market that an information Ebook could solve for people. Wish me luck.

Dropshipping. I could do that. has a 14 day free trial of your own website for 14 days. That might be quicker for me to launch initially and in 14 days hopefully get enough money to pay for a website. I could arrange with some of my suppliers to dropship their products. Normally I just buy them as I need them and I could focus on a niche product. Now I have two ideas. Ebooks and Dropshipping.

It’s good you are thinking of ideas but I suggest you keep on looking around.

  1. Ebooks - the internet is loaded with free information and people are rarely willing to pay. I know because I run a large forum and I have not found a way to monetise this, despite several tries. You will be starting from scratch here because you don’t even have a potential marketplace. You will have to build that first.

  2. Dropshipping - Do you mean drop shipping from China/Hong Hong? This is a hugely bloated industry and how do you expect to compete with your no-brand stuff against local large-format retaillers selling the brands people want? What will you do when the client receives the item a month later and it’s not as described? Do you know what regulations apply to a lot of stuff? How many other people are doing this? I’ve already tried this along side my main product range and I chucked it in, reverting back to my bread and butter.

  3. Time to launch for a website is a lot longer then 14 days. It will take at least 6 months just for your website to be fully indexed.

  4. I strongly recommend against launching a business under pressure. I setup a new business (in addition to my existing one) in 2014 and ended up having to pull the plug on it a few months later. Setting up a new business requires time and careful implementation. It also requires lots of promotion. You might be keen to start raking in the dough in a few days but the marketplace is not so hurried to hand it over.

  5. Sort this problem out first: "substantial defaults against my credit file".

In terms of looking for a product, I’d suggest sticking within the following parameters:

  1. It should be quick and easy to setup because you don’t have capital.

  2. It should not be a product commonly sold at large retaillers because you won’t be able to compete with them.

  3. It should be a product which sells for under $30 because you don’t want people to think too hard about the purchase.

  4. It should be reasonably small so it can be posted anywhere in New Zealand.

  5. There are a lot of great resources on Youtube produced by people who have been there, done that.

Hello MichaelNZ
Thanks for your great suggestions. Networking gear.  I could sell routers etc. I already have a cash account with Campbell Software in the North Island. If I drop ship for them parts would go directly to the customer from them. I think that’s how it works. Normally I pay for goods first then receive the items and install the products. But I could sell to other technicians in Chch.  Those products would be better margins. But I’ll certainly consider the under $30.00 products as quick sales to get started. I’ll check out the youtubes. Ebooks - I take your point about that. But they could be used as leadins towards actual products. Campbells products are branded, Cisco, Mikrotech etc.

Certainly ideas about making $100.00 a week isn’t as easy as what I thought. There will have to be a trial and testing period to see what works. I’ll still need to make sure whatever I sell has real value.

I’ll build an online market place. If you were to type my first and last name into Google I even come up on the first page in about three different locations. If people want to find me I say just type my name into Google and I’ll come up.

Defaults on credit file - its in hand, and Kiwisaver is underway. If that Stuff article I read is correct then the OA will be able to extract the contents of my Kiwisaver to pay back creditors.

Business failure - I wish I could go back in time. If I knew then…

I’ll post back again when I check out some youtubes and see if I can get something underway. I could start with a facebook page and see if I can sell some smaller items.

LOL, networking equipment is very close to home for me… I’ve been there done that in years past and am quite happy to be out of the hardware market now. Are you sure about Campbells? Express Data and Ingram Micro are the Cisco distributors for New Zealand. I’ve never heard of Campbells being one so better check you are getting wholesale prices there…

Things to think about:

  1. Are you Cisco certified? (or insert brand of any other hardware you want to sell) - If not, forget it.

  2. You won’t sell this hardware to techs (that includes me) because I can already get the gear direct from Express Data. The ISP who I do tech work for also has an account with Express Data and possibly Ingram Micro as well. I don’t sell any new hardware to them. I just get paid to configure it and I am quite happy with this. Do you understand what this means? The NZ distributor will quite happily bypass you and sell direct to your ‘clients’.

  3. One need’s a lot of industry credibility to sell that equipment and it’s expensive and time consuming to get this.

  4. Home and small business users rarely buy Cisco cos it’s so expensive. While I happen to be using an 887VA (I am rural and can only get VDSL2) but I knew what the item was and how to configure it, was willing to pay for it and only paid dealer price anyway (still most of $600). Most home and small business users get given free piece o’crap CPE routers from their ISP… or they buy something which costs under $200.

In short I suggest keep looking. Find something you can sell to lots of people. 10 years later I am still selling the products I was started selling after I got out of selling networking hardware. I only sold the net gear for 2 years or so and got out of it.

Great, thanks for those ideas.

Here’s a link to campbells
They do training as well for Mikrotik products
I am already CompTIA A+ certified

So I could sell small products on the internet to lots of people to generate $100.00 a week for a few months and use that money to become certified in a brand like Mikrotik or Cisco. Training courses are about $1000.00
Once I’m trained I should then be able to generate consistant income.

What I also thought about is should I be made bankrupt or file for the NAP, a certification will still stay with me. It also represents some standards. And the skill I’ve learnt stays with me for life.
Along the way, I build my followings via social media and drive them to my products.
That could be a way of judgement proofing myself before any insolvency procedures occur against me.
That at least gives a person reason to hope.

Myself and others have tried to help you in response to your many posts on the subjects of making extra money, credit scoring, debt collection, insolvency etc.

However, after seeing the following on your own website, I find myself wondering if your posts are for real because there seems to be a serious disconnect here:

"I’m running two seminars ~DEBT FREE FOR LIFE~ in Christchurch in April 2016.
The first seminar I’ll walk you though some strategies that you can apply immediately to start getting out of debt and create a better life for yourself."

At this point I suspect it’s a disconnect. On this basis I offer the following advice: Get your own house in order before lecturing others.

I can assure you my posts are for real and I appreciate all responses

Ok, I had a think about your points. Bottled water. OK the big retailers sell it. But I could sell them to motorists. It would give me quick cash but I’d have to check with the council to see if I needed any sort of licence. So that’s a product. For a service I could do after hours typing etc and one-off jobs. Also after party cleanups. That I could do outside of my day work. I checked with my supplier re the certifications but I’d have to go to Wellington. I see Groupon actually offers tickets for small online courses for Cisco products.

I may as well already use what skills and resources I have so I’ll go with after-hours typing (secretary). What cash I get from that I’ll use for router and Networking products training. I’ll spend one month setting up a marketing plan, with  a goal to bring in the first $100. I’ll advertise it exclusively as an independant service.

I’ll post back from time to time and tell you how its going. If it looks like its not going anywhere in a month I’ll try something else. I’d like to try the bottled water but that might be better to do once the warmer weather comes in after the winter and I would have had time to research what’s required for setup. I’d need cash anyway to purchase the water. Wish me luck for the first $100.00 :slight_smile:

So, Step 2 (step 1 deciding what to sell) I’ve set up the facebook page offering afterhours secretarial services and budgeting.
(I won’t put the link here though), least it breaches the TOS of this page.
I have an empty shelved company which I’ll operate under. Tomorrow I’ll create a linkedin page.
I should be able to keep them separate from my main profile. I’ll try and create a whole new following, so its not deemed cheating.
I’ll create budgeting packages, which I can sell as products. But step 3 will be to first try and get a niche market for new startup businesses. My first customers will be services. Once I’ve created the Linkedin page (part of step 2), I’ll get a marketing strategy going. Once that’s underway I should be able to see what step 4 is.
I’ll try and spend just 30mins each day working on the business. So I’ll have to be focused.

Facebook pages only ‘sort of work’ for a few businesses and it’s a waste of time for the rest. Ditto for Linked In.

Anyway, your idea is flawed. People who are seeking budgeting advice have no money. If it’s financial advice you are seeking to offer, you need to be licensed to do this.

Perhaps I should have specified its for small businesses and startup businesses.
I think they should have budgets. I think small businesses fail because they don’t have budgets.
I’ll try and find some other marketing avenues.

An update. Certainly not easy finding ways to create a hundred. I’ve had a look at the new PB Tech store and I’ll try for drop shipping. I set up another facebook page under my name with my company for bookkeeping but I think I’ll scrap that and just put it under my main user profile. I’m reading Scott Levy’s book Tweet Naked I got from the library. Its got some great social media strategies. It also mentioned the confusion factor with too many profiles. So I think I might bring the bookkeeping in under my main profile. What I have found in the past is that I have removed all my profiles to start afresh but the same people will still link to me, which is great of course and I appreciate their loyalty.

Scott Levy suggests linking with the same values across all profiles and creating a strong brand. Going back to my original idea of creating $100.00 out of something new, it might be better to start with what I can do first, and build on from that. The water idea, I went to the Mind Body festival and there was a stall selling Kagen water.

The guy said they give the water machines to people to try free for a month. Then you sign up after that and purchase the machine and sell the water and recruit others. I told him my financial position and said I would not be able to make a purchase but he did say I could still try the unit free for the month and return it without cost. Certainly if there is a contract to sign to receive the machine I’ll know then.

I think its actually a network marking business. I tried the water and its certainly a lot nicer than tap water. Whether its any better than ordinary filtered water is probably anyones guess, but I could put the bottled water idea to use as part of an overall marketing strategy. Like putting my own name or brand on the bottles if the product can be licenced that way. It would be fun to do or maybe I’m just getting carried away. LOL.

What I am going to do, is to try and learn a new skill out of it. The skill of negotiation. Even if I don’t get to sell the product in the end I’ll have a real life situation to try out some techniques.