Cash passport or Onesmart?

Hi All!  just a quick question , which is better Cash Passport or Air NZ Onesmart ? I am heading off to Europe soon and I need help choosing what the best way to use money is . While I am doing my contiki :slight_smile:

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Hi! I’ve only used Onesmart so can’t really say which is better, but a couple things I’ve found with the Onesmart - travelling through Europe I didn’t have any problems using it anywhere credit cards were accepted, but when I was in the States a friend of mine was using hers and she had quite a few instances where the machines wouldn’t accept it (instore purchases, all the ATMs were fine to withdraw cash from). I’m not sure what the problem was, but could have been something to do with some older machines not being equipped for cards with chips? We used the Onesmart in Europe and would just transfer lump sums over whenever we needed to, but it did take a bit of time to come through, sometimes 2 days depending on when we did the transfer. So my recommendation would be to plan ahead and make sure you have enough loaded to get you through till you load the next amount :slight_smile:
Hope that’s helpful, and enjoy your Contiki!


Hi, My daughter went on a college trip to UK & Europe. She took both Cash Passport & OneSmart. She used the OneSmart the most. It was easy for me to transfer money onto it & move between the Currencies (I had her log in details & itinerary back here in NZ) . US (stopover in Dubai) then to GBP (London & surrounds) Euros (Belgium, France, Italy) , back to US (stopover Dubai on way home) & finally NZ$. She could use it anywhere for purchases & also at ATM’s.
But always take more than 1 card type, even if you never use it. Cash Passport gave us peace of mind - 1 main card & 2nd backup (which was held by a friend)
Have a great holiday.

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I use OneSmart whenever overseas. Widely usable at ATMs and merchants in Australia, Japan for me. Make sure you transfer money from your bank account to the OneSmart card a few days ahead of when you might need it. The actual transfer from one wallet to another on the card is instantaneous though.
Also note that the rate at which you exchange can be (an often is ) worse than the rate you would get using a standard credit card transaction. For this reason, I mainly use the card for obtaining cash, rather than making a card purchase.

Following on from my earlier hypothesis as to why my friend’s OneSmart card didn’t work in some retailers in the States - just read this article on Mashable. Apparently America is really behind with regard to chip cards and many retailers still only accept cards with strips. Interesting! I would have thought they’d be right up there, considering the security benefits. Anyway, have a read if you’re interested :slight_smile:

When travelling we take both AirNZ OneSmart and the BNZ Multicurrency Cash Passport. OneSmart is generally the best except in the UK where the Chip and PIN feature does not work; we have to sign for everything including a cup of coffee! Quite embarrassing when standing in a queue and also a security risk. Oddly we can still use the card and its PIN at an ATM to withdraw cash. The Cash Passport works fine in the UK as a chip and PIN. Both cards are MasterCard so I don’t know what the issue is.
The OneSmart does use a much more favorable exchange rate compared to the Cash Passport (transfer the same $NZ amount into pounds in both cards at the same time and see the difference!). The OneSmart also has the advantage that it is a “Contactless” card (PayWave in NZ) and does seem to work in some places the UK but only for less than 20 pounds. The OneSmart android and iPhone app is  easier to use and more reliable; the iPhone version of the Cash Passport  app would usually crash when used earlier this year but was more stable last month in London.

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Definitely Onesmart as ATM withdrawals are only NZ$3.00, 3 free per month and loads via internet banking are free. (1) An even cheaper option is Qantas Cash at There is no monthly fee for this, loads via internet banking are free and ATM costs NZ$2.50 (2). This card also has an individual bank account number attached to it. Both of these options are considerably cheaper then Cash Passport (3) who charge setup, load, monthly and account closure fees. Cash passport also has an exorbitant 5.95% foreign exchange charge vs. Onesmart/Qantascash 2.5%, which is inline with most bank issued credit/debit cards.




I can tell you that the one smart card is far superior. At the moment it gives a conversion rate of 0.58389 Euro on the dollar where as Cash Passport gives conversion rate of 0.54. If I deposit NZ$10,000 I would be better off by 438 euro ,

I was unable to use Cash Passport as I do not have a NZ Passport, Drivers License or Gun License or an Aussie equivalent but was able to use my Onesmart as verified via IB and some phone calls and also UK Passport is deemed of value. It was easy to use in USA, UK, France, Dubai and Australia.