Card not working in Aus

Hi, can’t get through on the phone to BNZ but my eftpos card isn’t working in Australia so I have no money! How can I get this unlocked today? It doesn’t look blocked when I log into internet banking online or on the app, but says ‘Contact card issuer’ when I try to use it

Did you do a “travel notification” with BNZ before departure?

If not, there is 2 ways you can do this:

  1. Phone +64-4-473 5901. I just tried this and was able to get through to someone in under 2 minutes.

  2. Login to BNZ internet banking through a web browser and select:
    Menu > Cards > “let us know your travel plans”

I had a quick look and I can’t see how to do this via the Android app.

Unless you trust the computer you are using, I would recommend calling them.

BNZ cards definately work overseas. I did a “travel notification” and was easily able to use my BNZ Visa and BNZ Mastercard in the Philippines, which is behind Australia for electronic POS payments.

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As I understand it; unlike Debit and Credit cards, NZ EFTPOS cards (as mentioned in the OP), only work in ATM machines in Australia (and only ATM machines with the PLUS symbol like on the back of your card), and not in EFTPOS machines. Fees will probably also apply.

Of course, I don’t work for the bank, so clarification is required.

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Hey @Petherchlo, @Stu is correct in that you’ll need to find an ATM with the PLUS symbol. Please note that there is also an international transaction fee of $7.50. Any other questions just let us know :slight_smile:

Hi, Trying to log into, card is bnz, in Tassie, but comes up incorrect account.