Card Issues overseas

Help! Advice needed!

I’m currently overseas at an airport. My card ‘declined’ when i tried to purchase something small, at first i thought there may be a be a mistake, so tried again, same issue. I thought this was suspicious, so I tried 3 x ATMs here at the airport, all say there was a declined transaction or invalid card. The frustrating thing is that I can still login my internet banking, and the funds there currently, are more than the purchase I had wanted to make/ ATM withdrawals i attempted.

I have sent a message explaining this to via the secure mail, but Im starting to panic now because I need to bet my luggage out of the bag storage shop ( had been dropped off before I realised the issues ) and continue on my next flights back to NZ

Did you do an international travel notification?

Hey @janeycc I’m very sorry to hear that! Has someone replied to you via secure mail? Unfortunately this isn’t a secure channel, so I won’t be able to help you out from here. Are you able to give us a call? Here are some instructions about how to set a travel notification from inside your internet banking: