Can't you get the most basic functions working?

Dear bnz,

“3 Ways to make internet banking for you” ?!?!? Seriously.

Allow me to reply.

“3 things bnz should do to catch up to … themselves 5 years ago”

  1. When I set up an automatic payment, let me put an end date.
  2. When I make a payment and set the references, save them.
  3. When a transaction is declined and cannot be retried, don;t automatically process it again to make a double payment."

Basically, using bnz Internet Banking is like dealing with a psychotic bilpolar ex wife. you never know what is going to happen next. Everything that a “normal” person would do, won;t happen.

Hi @FrustratedClient

Thanks for the feedback (yes I do mean that!), we are happy to be told where we can do things better

1, On end dates on AP’s we have just made the first changes to allow this across IB and Mobile. At the moment you can add and End Date after you have set up the AP and go back in to edit it -Help n Support
We will also put this into the create flows, but we have some engineering we are working on to do this - date TBC.

  1. Can you explain this one more for us, as in what kind of payment you did and what didn’t save to where?

  2. Again we’d like to understand the scenario here as this shouldn’t happen the way the retries work, so if it has resulted in a double payment then we would look into this one straight away, we haven’t seen that scenario happen. Realise this is extra effort on your part to help us out, but it would be great if you could call the contact centre and get them to check this out for you.

Hope this helps tweak your view of us somewhat - we’ve been called a few things over the years but that’s a new one!


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Thanks @Nick, further details follow:

  1. I have set up a payee with reference details etc. One reference I commonly use is “Jul2017” or a simlar date. Every month I change the ref on the new payment.

You old system (years ago?) used to remember this new reference. Your current system does not.

  1. I spoke to the contact centre.

Thanks for following up.

Well, congratulations on the consistency.

On the matter of #3 - “When a transaction is declined and cannot be retried, don;t automatically process it again to make a double payment.”

I received a reply from the brilliant people at bnz.

“Your original payment … with a pending status was then processed at 6 am on 19/09/2017”

No… your system gave me every indication that the payment had been rejected. It did not say “Retry” or “We will continue to retry” or “this is pending” or any other description to indicate that something was still happening.

The message I got loud and clear was “This payment has failed. No more action will be taken. We are done. Don’t expect anything else”. And now you’re telling me, that it actually it was just in limbo.

Then again, banks like yours automatically create overdrafts if there are no funds, so I suppose it’s understandable. OK, well let’s leave it at that.

Nice try Nick… You guys cannot aren’t very good at software design, and it’s my fault.

FrustratedClient here is a helpful link on our WWW pages around our retry process.

It does state that it will retry the next day and this has been in place for Bill Payments for many, many years and last year we introduced the same functions for Automatic Payments.

I am sorry if this has caused you some angst, as the majority of our customers love the next day retry once, as it saves them having to make the payment, based on the changes to their cash flow last thing at night the previous day.

Dear bonzo,

Thanks for your link. I have had a look and read the narrative. I do not disagree with words written there.

What I am trying to point out, and obviously failing at, is that the actual screens, the buttons, the little red things that pop up when I enter the bnz banking website, do not behave as you seem to think they do.

I am aware of a retry option - I have used it before. But on this particular occasion I was presented with a screen that made it very clear to me that the transaction had failed.

Yes, I see your terms and conditions. Yes, I see your nice narrative about the business rules and how the system works. This is a User Interface problem. You guys have got a screen that appears under some circumstances. The screen that appears behaves differently to how you think it is behaving.

I have no ability to recreate the scenario, as I do not have access to your pre-prod environment (assuming you have one) and I don’t feel like paying bnz $10 to help you fix a problem you seem to not understand.

By your reasoning, when I get a screen that pops up, I should go and read the manuals to see what the business rules are behind the scenes before I click anything.

You do realise it’s 2017, right? “Process” and “legalities” is a safety net, not the starting point. Imagine if bnz thought that way?


I have read through this thread again. I can see you raising an issue under what you call point 3, then Nick has asked for information as he would like to understand the scenario.

You have then kindly contacted the contact centre, and thanked Nick for following up.

We have then responded, not to your satisfaction, and for that I apologise. From reading this, I can only go by what you are advising around pending, declined, retry and all you want is consistent clarification of the advice and you are flagging to us that there is a problem.

I have then advised around the retry function, which you have advised you are aware of. I would like to get to the bottom of the problem, to see the system updates and advices, I would need you to Direct Contact me through this site with your transaction details. If these pop ups are not displaying the correct wording, then we do need to get this sorted.

By seeing your transaction that caused this problem, should allow us to see what pop up, is popping up with incorrect wording, hence causing these payments problems.

I look forward to your response.