Can't see my cards when I use the option in my app or on the website

When I go to the internet banking and click Menu > cards I get a message
Unable to get process your cards request [SIC] I called the help line and after 45 minutes on hold I got “Yeah nah nothing wrong” still doesn’t work though and I need it to verify my card for Apple Pay

Sorry to say that the bad grammar usually indicates a scam, especially since the customer service phone number for BNZ is 0800 275 269. You might want to check your phone bill online to see if you’ve been hit with a large call charge or call your mobile service provider, otherwise send a secure message through the BNZ app or call their actual number.

Hi @Pablots If this issue is still occurring please send a secure message via your internet banking. You can do this by going Menu> Contact
It may be that there is a technical error that will need to be reported and fixed. Cheers