Can't open accounts via internet banking


I tried to open a Rapid Save account unsuccessfully via internet banking. Rang the call centre and they said it was because my current accounts in internet banking are joint accounts and I needed to visit a branch and update signing authority. I would have been happy to open the account in my name but that option wasn’t available - account owner defaulted to joint owner and I couldn’t change it. My understanding is that my access ID is related to me as an individual so why can’t I open accounts as an individual. Ended up opening a similar account online with Westpac in my own name where my other accounts are all joint accounts with no problem.

Hi Sharon, at this stage if you do not have an existing individual account you are required to visit a BNZ branch to set one up. Once the first account has been opened you are able to manage your accounts via Internet Banking or the Mobile Banking App.

This is to make sure we have the correct documentation for the appropriate type of accounts.

  • Adina.

Thanks but I won’t be bothering as I can do it online with Westpac.

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