Cannot enable Netguard on Android N

Just installed the latest Android N beta on my Nexus 6P and Mobile Netguard doesn’t seem to work, citing my timezone as the issue. This was working on Marshmallow before, so I’m guessing this is something related to the app & Android N?

Hi @thejoejay

Yes this is related to the app & Android N.

When Google release their preview versions they give them a version number as a letter, in this case ‘N’, and not 7.0. On full release they change this to a correct version number.
Our app is expecting a number, and will give you the error you have been experiencing, when there is not one.

Unfortunately, we don’t support preview versions, and this error will persist in till Google do a full release.

Sorry for the bad news,

Hi, my samsung phone says it has Android version 5.0 and I am getting the same message as above. The app was working perfectly and has only just started doing this. Any help?

Hi @AmyieRiley,

Sorry to hear you are getting this error, this shouldn’t be happening. Just to check, are all your time and date settings on the phone correct?


Hi Eric, yes they are. When I go into my date and time settings I’ve ticked to the network provided time zone settings. I’m not sure if I’m just being IT Illiterate here or not!

Hi @AmyieRiley,

That’s all correct. Can you send me a private message with your contact details, so I can give you a call and try and fix this?


Hi having the same problem with my iPhone? Have changed business accounts login now cannot activate business netguard, always worked with last account login?

I work with Linux so in theory should be more adventurous with my devices, but I am not. I have previously flashed Cyanogen Mod on to sub $400 devices but as I went up in the price range (I presently have Samsung S6 and Tab S2) I had to start asking myself whether the loss of warranty, financial risk and loss of some functionality was worth any benefit. Additionally, most aftermarket ROM’s are full of bugs.

I have factory Marshmellow with factory OTA updates on both devices and by and large it does what I want and is very stable.

Hi Dean,

Sorry for the slow reply, I was on holiday last week.

Can you send me a private message with your contact details so we can get this fixed for you?


Hi Eric. Did you get my contact details message?

Hey Dean,

The team are looking into it now, we should have a solution for you soon.


Hi Eric

I have recently changed android phones. The business banking app won’t activate on my new phone.
When I try to activate the mobile netguard it comes up with an error message saying to check my timezone settings and try again.

Hi @Cheech

We’ve had to temporarily disable the Mobile NetGuard set up feature in the business app, but are working on turning it back on again as soon as we can.

Sorry for the inconvenience


Hi. Having issues with Netguard on my Mobile Device. Has worked fine up until today. IPhone 7 user running iOS11.2.5. Comes up with the same time zone message as the original poster. Have restarted phone and deleted and reinstalled app, still coming up with same message.

Hey @Eric, are you able to help with this query? Thanks,

Hi @bmcg,

Could you send me a message with your phone number so I could give you a call?

Sorry for the slow reply.


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Thanks Eric, all fixed

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