Cancelling Pending Transactions Request

I’ve just tried asking for a “pending transaction” to be cancelled ASAP because I found out that an online purchase I just processed is through a scam website but has been told it can’t be cancelled but it says on the “pending transactions” that it could take 2-3 business day for transaction to be either processed or cleared (can’t remember the exact phrase). Is there anything BNZ can do at all to try and stop the payment from going through to the scammers account? Help please!

Hi Jayvee,

Unfortunately, we can not ‘cancel’ a pending transaction as once the payment has been generated, only the merchant can stop the transaction from going through. However, if the transaction does process to your account, you can lodge a dispute with us and we can attempt to recover the funds through the ‘chargeback’ process. To do this, please call 0800 275 269 and we will investigate further.