Bring back Airpoints

Per topic, understand Westpac for the last year has been the “preferred” Air NZ banking partner, but if ANZ & Kiwibank can also offer Airpoints options, why can’t BNZ?

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Through our BNZ Advantage Credit Card we have allowed the customer to have the choice as to how they receive their loyalty and then this allows the customer to spend this however they want to, so it is not just limited to Air points. You could get cash or use your rewards to purchase a myriad of rewards.

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Came across this the other day

Will be interesting to see if it changes the airpoints landscape

Why don’t you survey your customers?

I’d rather have Airpoints ($NZ1 = 1 Airpoint anyway) along with Status Points (which money can’t buy) than cash-only.

Hmm no response to that last question… I’d still be interested to see survey results.

I honestly do not know how much survey work was done and I would doubt any results would be published as that would be commercially sesnsative.

Interesting that this thread has the 3rd most number of views since the new community was launched - I’d say the loyalty team at BNZ need to start talking to their customers and have a deep rethink on their strategy to ditch Airpoints.

I agree, particularly now that Airpoints and Flybuys have split it’s the perfect time for BNZ to offer an Airpoints rewards option again.

In the meantime I’m continuing to use a different banks card so that I can get the rewards that I want, but I would prefer it be with BNZ and the rest of my banking however that option isn’t available.

Thanks for the link @raab

I hope that’s true because interchange fees are way too high.

Previously, these have been largely absorbed into retailers operating costs - paid for by cash customers and with the financial effect reduced for retailers who are members of group schemes - but as card payments become more common place it’s not about paying 1-3% (typically 2.5-3+%) on card transactions but on revenue

This amounts to an not-insignificant tax on business income and businesses will look to recuperate that somehow, whether through surcharges or higher prices.

I expect banks will continue to offer rewards programs but they will look to increasingly fund these from card holders who carry interest-incurring balances.

So we can no longer convert our Fly Buys to Airpoints. This was what I was told in the branch when all this went down - you can still choose to have your fly buys convert to airpoints…

My Air NZ status dropped down this year which it wouldn’t of if my credit card was at ANZ, Kiwibank or Westpac. Considering a switch soon just for the status benefits.

BNZ should definitely consider striking a new deal with Air NZ.

Hi @jessearcher, thanks for your note. The decision to change the relationship between Fly Buys and Airpoints was made by the respective companies that run those loyalty programmes, but I do understand your frustration. I’ll certainly pass on your feedback re: Air NZ to our team for their consideration :slight_smile: