BNZ phone craziness

just tried to make a phone query (complex one so needed a human) - made the call entered my access code but then no option to enter my phone pin - told there had been some code sent to my phone as I have the bnz app - BUT I don’t have my phone with me, absolute craziness

@billydex I’m so sorry about this - Mobile App authentication is one of the ways that we are able to securely identify our customers when they contact us over the phone. This makes identifying you over the phone quick, so that we can get onto the important stuff.

If you don’t accept the notification, that’s still okay, we’re happy to help and can identify you other ways. I hope that you were able to get through to us and we managed to solve your query, but if we didn’t, please feel free to reach out through secure mail, contacting us on 0800 275 269 or through social media, ^Alisha

Your comments noted AlishaD but a couple of queries 1/ you mention we’re happy to help and can identify you other ways so what are these ways (you dont list) and what is wrong with my phone pin which has always worked over the years?2/ you also note If you don’t accept the notification but of course in my recent case the phone itself was over an hour’s drive away
So why is there no option to use the phone pin which you have not addressed.