BNZ payclip feedback/improvement

As SME, It would be great if following features are added to payClip. ( I have been using both Stripe and payClip and most of the features are enabled in Stripe)

(1) Transaction History shows BNZ charge (commission) for each of the credit card transaction.
(2) be able to customise payclip receipt
(a) Company logo
(b) Address
© Contact number/ email address etc
(3) An email alert is generated to the owner for every credit card proceesed.(Option to turn on/off if they don’t wish to receive)
(4) Single payclip device be able to connect to multiple phones at the same time.
(5) When the money is deposited to each night to our account, an email is generated to show how this total value is made up of.
(6) be able to pre-auth the card for CNP (We use stripe to pre-auth our guests credit cards to avoid no shows)
I have more ideas. interested to see others feedback on this.

Wow this is great feedback. I’ll be sure to pass this on to the appropriate team. Thanks, Alyssia =)

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