BNZ Northwest Store Talk - SCAM SAVVY

BNZ Northwest has the privilege of hosting Bronwyn Groot, BNZ Security and Fraud Co-ordinator, to our store this Thursday the 8th of December to speak about being “Scam Savvy.”

Bronwyn travels the country educating thousands of New Zealanders on topics such as Credit Card Scams, Lottery Scams, Card Skimming and more…

This presentation is open to everyone, details are as follows:

Scam Savvy - Bronwyn Groot
When: Thursday 8th of December at 11am (runs approx. 1 hour)
Where: BNZ Northwest - 1-7 Fred Taylor Drive, Westgate

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate and biscuits will be provided.

All those in attendance at the presentation will be entered into a draw - with the chance to win 50 Flybuys points.

Feel free to bring your friends along, everyone is welcome :smiley:


This is going be awesome! :slight_smile:

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50 Flybuys is worth $8 - $10 at retail.

What are you trying to say, @michaelnz ? :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Good thing it’s just in time for Christmas Shopping isn’t it :evergreen_tree: :grin: