Bnz money tracker

I think bnz had a platform in internet banking to track spendings and income but now there isnt any. I moved from australia and had NAB money tracker which was really good!
Now with our bnz accounts I have to export ALL TRANSACTIONS then use excel spreadsheet to categorise those spendings and delete the odd tfra between accounts. It Just takes a lot of time to be honest!

Will bnz ever bring back this useful tool?


Great Idea! This would be super useful for tracking our spending too…


You can get similar functionality through external tools such as PocketSmith. They have a free version (which requires you manually export your transactions and import them into PocketSmith), or paid subscription options that allow for automatic data feeds.


Hi @Mooree

We used to have a service called Money Map, it was hosted on a Xero personal platform, but it was generally too complicated for many to get fully immersed in, we ended up retiring that a few years back now.

We are putting thought into how to so this properly (not convinced anyone has really nailed it yet), check out this thread and let us know what you are looking for.


Like the Westpac one announced today and is free? Maybe BNZ would like to reconsider their priorities on this one. I for one would use it and get others on it where possible as well.