Bnz low rate Mastercard

I paid the outstanding balance on my low rate Mastercard and haven’t used it but I see money came out (intrest cash ) but haven’t used it ? What is it

Hi @Danni2103, Interest Cash is interest on any cash advances you have made from the card. With cash advances you lose your interest free days, so if you don’t immediately pay the cash advance back, you start accruing interest. Interest is calculated daily and charged on your statement at the end of the month. As Community is not a secure channel, if you would like to query this on your account, I would recommend giving us a call on 0800 275 269, so that one of our friendly Customer Solutions Advisors can advise exactly which cash advance this charge relates to :slight_smile: Thanks, Emma

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You have to wait for the next monthly cycle before you are free of any outstanding interest owing. Check your statement date to see when the end of your monthly card cycle is.