BNZ iOS/Android app suggestion

Re-ordering accounts on the iOS/Android apps. This is something I would really like to be able to do. I know we can do it on the website but if we could do it on the app that would be fantastic as accounts are not ordered on the app. Is this on the cards at all?


This was suggested last year -

@Eric any updates on this?

I’ll just make a comment, I don’t know if BNZ have the same feature or not:-

The ASB banking app allows you to see the balance and what’s available without having to login.
You have to register your phone the first time for security. After that tap once on the banking app icon, then once on the quick balance.
They possibly have the fastest phone bank app balance response time.
It also saves wear-and-tear on the phone because there are less taps on the phone screen.

Yes. Instant balances are available on the BNZ mobile apps.

You can turn this on by going to Settings > Instant Balances and turning on the accounts you want to see without logging into the app.

You can view up to 9 accounts.

I was able to do that with ASB when I initially installed the app.
Unfortunately I can’t try it out on BNZ’s app because my internet and phone banking have been disabled for the foreseeable future

Hi @Ford, I saw your note in another thread about your internet banking being blocked - I’m not sure of the details of your case but if it’s because you’d attempted too many failed logins then we should be able to easily unblock it after speaking to you to confirm your identity. The contact centre should be able to help you out if you give us a call :slight_smile:

Hi @Thomas,

Definitely still on the radar. There are a few things that have been higher priority recently, like Tax payments and Secure Mail which we are working on now for the apps. As well as something in the mobile payments space.

It’s not forgotten, but there is a lot of competing work, and features we want to build.


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Oh cool. Secure Mail would be useful.

Does Secure Mail come with push notifications for responses from the bank?

Hi @Thomas,

Push notifications won’t be on the first release of secure mail, but we are going to be working on it, soon.


Yes! I suggested the ability to move account order back in 2015. When will this happen? Too many times lately have I transferred money to the wrong account and it’s especially annoying if it goes into my RapidSave account when it wasn’t supposed to :joy:. I hope we get a new app refresh sometime soon.