BNZ Future Stars - Super 15 Jerseys

I’ve just seen on the BNZ home page, the entries for the Future Stars Super 15 Rugby Jerseys have opened. I loved this promotion last year, but only found out about it after the fact - when the jerseys appeared. I must have missed any advertising! 

This year I saw it in time to submit my entry for my Little Sister whom I mentor, Jessica. Fingers crossed, she’d die of excitement to meet the Blues (although her family won’t be as impressed, they’re League people through and through!)

Did anyone in the Community get involved in this last year? Did anyone receive a jersey, and what was it like?


Happy Days, just got an email to say I had won a Blues shirt for Jessica! She’ll be so excited, she’ll wear it no doubt (if it even remotely fits her haha!)
The game is in Dunedin so we’ll have to watch on TV, but she’ll be proud as punch to see her name on a shirt. Thanks BNZ, you’ve made one customer (and one future customer) very happy!

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