BNZ disgraceful action

Just received a letter telling me no more cheques. Letter contains the usual PR spin e.g. “faster, simpler, and more secure” all misleading or incorrect (read lies).

Surely time for the government to man up and open an enquiry into this.

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Hi billydex, I’m sorry that we can no longer continue to offer the service of cheques.
We had an overwhelming number of positive feedbacks from our customers during COVID who experienced going digital for the first time, and we are always looking for ways to improve our processes.
We understand that change can be daunting and frustrating, so our teams are always here to help to walk you through any issues you may experience.

Kris you completely miss the point. In a mere 12 months you’ve gone from a bank that I used to highly recommend, to one that I very definitely DO NOT recommend. Killing off cheques doesn’t affect me because I’ve used telephone banking, internet banking, and mobile banking for many years. However, I know many elderly people for whom your new systems are more than daunting, they are completely impractical. Unless you want an exodus of people who don’t have phones or computers you need to rethink your PR rhetoric and start listening to ALL of your customers, not just those for whom mobile internet is second-nature. So what are my elderly neighbours to do when they have NO internet, NO mobile phone, and NO desire to invest in that technology. It’s not just an issue of learning new things, but primarily an issue of access and equity that you seem to be entirely missing.