BNZ customers targeted in Phishing emails

We’d like to notify you of two BNZ branded phishing e-mails that are currently circulating.

Phishing e-mails come disguised as e-mails from reputable companies (in this case BNZ) and request that you click on a link to ‘update your details’, ‘pay an invoice’ or ‘ensure your account details are secure’. Once the link has been clicked there are a range of issues that might occur. Two examples of the phishing e-mails that we are currently seeing are below.

Here are some steps you can take if an e-mail you’ve received doesn’t look right:

• Simply don’t open the e-mail, delete it immediately.
• Check the address against one you know to be legitimate.
• Hover your mouse over the hyperlink, this will show you the address imbedded in the link.

And remember if you’re suspicious of an e-mail you’ve received, or if you suspect you’ve been taken in by a scam, contact BNZ on 0800 ASK BNZ (275 269) or +64 4 924 0499 as soon as possible.



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