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Hi there just a suggestion is there any chance BNZ can add a change your pin for your debit or credit card feature through the BNZ mobile banking app that’ll be great thanks.

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Hey @DTNZ, thanks a lot for the valuable feedback! I’ve forward this onto the cards team and I’ll come back to you with their response. Any questions in the meantime don’t hesitate to let me know :slight_smile: Cheers!

The team have informed me that making pin selection easier for our customers and providing additional choices is something that they’re actively considering. They’ll bear this feedback in mind as they progress with future updates :slight_smile: If there’s anything else I can do just let me know!

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Hi, is there any update on this topic? The ability to load a new or changing the PIN on the cards through mobile banking would be a great feature to have, I do see several of other banks offering this solution, hope to see it happen with BNZ soon. Thanks!

Hi there, our teams are still working on developing this option! As soon as we have an update our customers will be the first to know :slight_smile: - Adina.

Still no news on this feature, what is the reason for taking so long to implement?