BNZ app running balance

The web online banking provides a running balance at a glance i.e. funds less credit card debt. Can that be available on the app?


I’d like to see this too

I am running a beta version of the BNZ App with this enhancement. I understand it will be released shortly once it is tested.


Did this happen?

I can not log in to my Bnz bank app today, there is no usual login screen which ask for a password.

I like to retain access to my Bnz bank account and the Bnz log in app.

If you are still having issues with this I suggest you clear the cache.

Downside is you will need to use logins for “ALL” sites that have now had that info cleared.

Asked a techie friend of mine about this as I was unable to log in using Opera browser but could with Chrome, Firefox and Waterfox.

Solved my issue immediately… except for the next week or so I had to input user names and passwords to about 150 different websites.