BNZ App for Windows Phone / Windows Tablets

Yes, I read what Nick said, but none of it alters what I have said. Firstly, with universal Windows 10 apps the same app would be able to be used across phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. You seem to deliberately ignore laptops and desktops when talking about Windows, though the same app will work for all. For our own company website analytics, windows-based devices make up half of all visits - more than iOS, Android and MacOS combined!

Secondly, as has been previously indicated, analytics are misleading. The only Windows-based tablets that show up as such are those running Windows RT - the majority of Windows-based tablets do not use this. Most use full versions of 8/8.1 that is indistinguishable from laptops and desktops with web analytics - I personally have a device that fits in this category and verified this with our own company website analytics. To be in knowledge of this fact and still claim them being a ‘tiny amount’ is very mischievous.

Thirdly, is there a reason why those with laptops and desktops should be ignored with apps? Surely there is a reason you make them for phones and tablets that make them superior than using your website - why should those reasons also not apply to laptops and desktops?

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Hi Mard,

Unfortunately, like all companies, we face a resource constraint on our development teams. As such we have to choose what our highest priority is at any given time.

We are yet to see a compelling reason to build an universal Windows 10 app for desktop users. That’s not to say one wont come up, just at the moment we think we can best serve our desktop customers via the website. Windows users are extremely important to us and we spend a lot of time and resource making sure IB is a great experience across all desktops. The group of people that work on the internet banking website is the largest group, under the BNZ digital umbrella, servicing Windows and Mac desktop users is a major priority.

We are not ignoring desktop users when thinking about building a Windows app, but our current strategy aligns with the website for all desktop users.

In regards to a Windows phone app, as Nick said we are looking at Islandwood and Astoria and something may come of this in the future. No specific date has been set for this at the moment. Sorry, that’s probably not the answer you want, and a more specific date would be preferable. But I don’t want to mislead you.

In the mean time, I’m going to keep an eye on universal Windows 10 apps, if you see one which you think is great and really raises the bar, let us know.



I still get a feeling that some things are getting missed by the BNZ representatives here. They talk about Windows Phone apps or universal apps as if they are different from the apps for tablets, laptops and desktops.

One of the major points of Windows 10 is that the same app covers ALL devices. One app that can run on every Windows phone, tablet, laptop and desktop.

Islandwood and Astoria allow you to take your existing iOS or Android app and convert it to one that will work on ALL Windows 10 devices with negligible time and effort. This removes “resource constraint”, especially since the completed app will be usable to millions of devices. Compare this to the tens of thousands with iPads which you find are a greater priority and can dedicate resources to.

Earlier Nick mentioned analytics for seeing what devices access your online services. Presumably this is what you use to decide resource allocation. As I stated, these are more than misleading - tablets are bundled in with desktops/laptops and, of course, people would rather either use an app to do their banking on their phone or they’d use a different device - I know I do since it’s easier to use the website on a desktop, laptop or tablet than a phone. I also know that for quick, everyday, things I’d rather use an app rather than the hassle of the website - even on my desktop or laptop.

Surely you must realise that even if only a small fraction of Windows users install a BNZ app it would still be a larger number of customers than the total population of some devices that  you already dedicate significant resources to. All for next to no effort…

Hi Mard,

Thanks for your reply.
We do understand what an universal app is, however the website is our flagship experience for desktop users, this may change in the future but that is our current strategy.
So when considering a Windows 10 app, the section of the market we are considering are Windows phone users, as this is the section that would benefit. Given the current product offering.

We are looking at Islandwood and Astoria to see just how negligible the time and effort is, in producing an app. As I am sure you understand nothing is free in development, we need to understand what the dev, testing and support effort would be, before committing to releasing a new app. Once we know this we can prioritise this piece of work accordingly.


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“So when considering a Windows 10 app, the section of the market we are considering are Windows phone users, as this is the section that would benefit”

Surely tablets and smaller, touchscreen laptops/convertibles should be included here as well… Only their metrics can’t be separated from desktops/laptops as they run identical software…

If they’re running identical software, then you’ll be able to use Internet Banking fine, like any other laptop/desktop.

So for tablets you say “you’ll be able to use Internet Banking fine”, so I take it that you’ll be removing tablet apps for iPads and Android? After all, what is the difference? BNZ clearly believes that tablets need apps, otherwise they’ll never have made them.

My point about the identical software is in regards to the weak arguments of ‘tiny market share’ or ‘so few use them’. The fact that they use identical software means that they don’t show up in figures apart from being lumped in with desktops and laptops - it is not possible to know there is a ‘tiny market share’ or how many use them.

I have a 7" tablet - smaller than most Android and Apple ones - surely a greater requirement for an app than 10" Androids and iPads…

I look forward to hearing that you’re ending two-tier customer service by either having apps for all tablets or removing them for all so they can all use the website…

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With the windows 10 rollout happening early next month. I believe windows phones will start to take the market away from android. So I think it would be a good move to start development on a windows app.

Also, statistics are never accurate as everytime I painfully login to BNZ with my WINDOWS PHONE, it says that I can get the BNZ app for iPhone. So how many windows phones are showing up as iPhones? Probably thousands.


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It looks like another slap in the face from BNZ for Windows customers. While ignoring their  many customers with Windows devices it now appears that they will make an app for a device that isn’t even available for sale in New Zealand (Apple watch)  and expected to be a comparatively tiny number compared to the millions of NZ Windows users…

Almost a full year on and nothing but contempt from BNZ and half-baked excuses. No BNZ agent has been on here to update progress on a Windows 10 Universal App. No response of any type.

Just a couple of months and over 110 million devices are on Windows 10 and able to use Universal Apps - and Windows 10 Mobile is still to come, but BNZ still treats as worthless.

Hint BNZ, you can’t use ‘not enough users to make it worthwhile’ when:
a) The stats you claim to base your decisions have been shown to be seriously flawed
b) You are perfectly happy to spend the time and money to make extensions which, at the time, had ZERO users and still has only a tiny fraction of the number of users that Windows Phone has (and that before we get into the number of people with Windows 8/8.1/10 tablets…)

As a workaround, you can sideload the Android BNZ Mobile apk file onto your Windows 10 Mobile device.

I don’t consider 27 Million Windows phone devices sold this quarter as “too few” customers.
Developing a mobile app is not going to break the bank BZN. Pun intended.
I guess i’ll move all my accounts to Westpac or ASB who both have windows mobile apps…

Microsoft have cancelled project Astoria and removed the ability for Windows devices to run Android apps. 8-(
It appears that none of the mobile networks will be selling the latest 950 Lumia devices either. Will have to parallel import one.
Also Westpac NZ does not have a Windows Mobile app, only Aussie.

@bigfoot @Fox & @mard This one is always a heated topic and we discuss this often internally. When we consider where we point our investments online we have to take our lead from a number of sources including what is in market now and what the market will look like in the future.  We also need to consider the commitment well beyond just punching out an app, we need to test it , update it, support it etc etc so the commitment is not small and needs to be justified.  If I could ignore a bunch of the commercial realities around it then I would ask the team to knock one up tomorrow.  The removal of support for Astoria was a bit unexpected as this looked like a great starting point. 

Realise it is frustrating, but all the advice we have sourced and researched, at this point in time, suggests that the demand (though passionate) is pretty small.  I hear your point on the Apple Watch feature, but in comparison this was near negligible effort.   

The shake up of Windows with 10 coming along and flipping the old Microsoft business model on it’s head does represent a number of opportunities for us to reconsider how to provide apps for that platform, so whilst I’m not giving you a commitment today, we are actively working on strategies to give customers the best experience we can on whatever device or platform they choose.


Demand is small? 200 million devices and growing rapidly (face it, this number was accomplished in just a few months). Between my wife and I we have seven devices capable of running Universal Windows Apps.

I would also suspect that BNZ first committed to providing iOS and Android apps when their global numbers were smaller than this… Not to mention that these builds were both ‘from scratch’…

Your Astoria point is negated in part from the fact that Project Islandwood is continuing with the aim of porting iOS apps…

Your final paragraph is a bit of a joke - Windows 10 and Universal Apps were well foreshadowed. Heck, I’d been running Windows 10TP since February last year. If you go back to the start of this thread you’d see that Universal Apps were pointed out back in January last year. Face it, you missed the boat when you could have shown yourselves as innovative and forward-thinking by having a Universal App ready at Windows 10 launch time.

@bigfoot - no need to parallel import. They can be purchased through the Microsoft Store online.

Now, in the few months from launch, there are more devices running Windows 10 than there have been iPads that have ever been made. BNZ have an iPad app, though… The numbers/demand argument doesn’t stand up yet again.

And it looks like the absence of Project Astoria argument has been negated by the progress of Project Islandwood…

Hi everyone, as we’ve heard from ,  and  there are currently no plans to develop a Windows app but if that changes in the future you’ll hear it here first.

I’m going to close out this thread now - thanks for your contributions!

BNZ Community Manager