BNZ App for Windows Phone / Windows Tablets

I’m wondering when the BNZ was releasing an app for Windows Phone / Windows Tablets?


Yes please, what is the ETA for these Apps please?

We are constantly watching the numbers using Windows phones and tablets.  At the moment there are so few customers on those devices that it is not something we will be doing in the short term. Sorry !

What about with the announcement of universal apps for the windows 10 desktop, tablet, mobile and possibly xbox one platforms? Develop for one, run on all?


I would assume that since you guys didn’t make an app for Windows phones and tablets, they wouldn’t use those devices to access their accounts unless its really necessary. Or maybe they already moved to ASB a few years back.

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Hi, Suggest you review your position please. I agree with the subsequent posters, how exactly do you know there are so few customers? I have not participated in any survey or similar process to indicate I use  Windows devices.
The other posts about universal apps are interesting. I’ve looked into them and there appears to be an HTML 5 option, if the existing apps are written using HTML 5 then it seems straightforward to release as a universal app.
Please run this past your developers.
Final comment, someone mentioned a competitor has a Windows app, is this not a competitive advantage and has this been factored into the decision?

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I’m just adding my two cents, I worked for one of the major telcos in both retail and business segments, and it was always a novelty when a windows device was ordered/brought in for repair/sighted in the wild. Windows users clearly do exist (hello previous posters!) but proportionally, are very few of the market. But that is only my personal observation from my personal experience.

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Even if the web developers could make some modifications to the current YouMoney interface to work better with small, high dpi displays that would be great. On my Lumia 930 the main issues seem to be scaling related. The drag and drop from account to account/payee are slow but usable.

With Windows Phone 8 Microsoft made changes to i.e. so that it would play well with mobile sites designed for iPhone.

Since this change when I navigate to BNZ’s mobile banking site (and for that matter the NZ Lotteries mobile site) I get prompted to install the IOS app.

Are you sure your figures are a true representation of device use?

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ABS has an app on windows phone. It has just over 300 ratings giving it 5/5 stars, the number of downloads is likely to be much larger than this number as most people cant be bothered rating.
gpey mentioned that it should be factored into consideration that a competitor has an app on the market place I agree strongly with this comment.
Furthermore, as MikeD mentioned with the common code across all windows platforms the uptake of windows phone will likely increase, it would be a strategic decision for BNZ to get started with an app before this happens.

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“constantly monitoring the numbers”? Please. That is a load of crock. Currently Windows 8/8.1 is installed on a higher number of devices (ranging from desktops and laptops to tablets) than, for example, iPads or iPhones. iPhones, for example, have a market share in the 20-30% range - approximately the same as Windows 8/8.1 in just desktops…

@mard we are able to see what mobile devices are accessing internet and mobile banking, but more importantly looking at Windows mobile market share it’s is just not viable for us to invest heavily in creating a mobile banking app for Windows at the moment.  We do have our mobile optimised site - - for those not on Android or iOS.  This doesn’t mean we see customers on Windows mobile as less important, it’s just that we need to prioritise our time and effort where we can have the most impact. 

@Nick With microsoft’s announcements of projects “Islandwood” and “Astoria” would you consider an attempt at porting the iOS or Android app to windows phone?

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Mobile devices? Since Windows tablets mostly use full Windows 8/8.1 there is no way to separate out the tablets from laptops and desktops (even Windows RT tablets use full desktop IE), your ‘mobile devices’ would only be phones. Find out how many NZers are using Windows 8 or above - given market share, it would represent a far greater number than those who use iPads (who you unquestioningly and eagerly make apps for). The question is, why do Windows desktop, laptop, tablet and phone users not deserve the same treatment as another group that they outnumber? Is it just purely elitism?

“Invest heavily”? Follow MikeD’s links - no investment is needed at all…

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@MikeD & @mard  We have been getting across Islandwood and Astoria and will be working out how when this could work for us.  Certainly appears to remove a mountain of work on the surface of it. 


Further to ASBs app which has been around for years now I noticed  recently that Westpac has also released an app on windows phone.

Seems that it’s just for Australia only.

So, any more development on this? Says a lot about BNZs elitism that it cares so much more for the 18% of smartphone users with Apple than the 91% of desktop/laptop users with Windows devices…

Like  said we are always looking at the market and our analytics, and having discussions about what our longer term plan of our device support looks like. Right now Windows Phones and Tablets make up a tiny amount of all devices being used.

For now our mobile banking webapp is incredibly lightweight, fast, and works on almost every mobile browser.